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Who said I was traveling by bus bored at home yesterday, returning from visiting friends in the central region and the trip was anything but boring. when ia board, I realized that the man was waiting, he is 10 years younger than my 45 years at least, look at the big hair, long and dark and a little hippie when it finds a place near <i>thisav</i> found the back of the coach and I saw him coming down the thisav aisle of the bus and into a seat in front of a row on the opposite side. Soon we were on our way, and spent some time just watching the scenery, but he looked across the aisle. Have we service and let the car go to the bathroom and coffee, the recovery of my seat was to see that I was pleasantly surprised, there was in the seat right in front of me moving in the field, as I was set looked, smiled and returned with a beautiful smile. He was quite large, and sat in the seat with your knees on the floor in the channel, so I almost found my eyes to more and mortalityand to him was my kind of guy I started with the erotic thoughts of his body under his clothes....... It was shocking to me i felt like an eternity, in fact, it was clear to us his crutch, and who split with long legs and Saturday, I felt flushed and take a quick glance at his face a very confusing and very consciously pleased to find smile on his face, I had my nerves and eyes, and always felt very bold, so slowly slid my tongue to the lower lip as she watched him, his response a smile and a slight change in position was in which it is now totally in front of me. I took off my jacket, I wore a long skirt and cotton blouse Indian peasant, very fine material and fastened at the neck, it rotates more slowly <i>thisav</i> i my hand in my shirt bra strap i